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BaseModeAddPlayerClass Method (Int32, Vector3, Single)
Adds a class to class selection. Classes are used so players may spawn with a skin of their choice.

Namespace: SampSharp.GameMode
Assembly: SampSharp.GameMode (in SampSharp.GameMode.dll) Version: 0.7.6221.37952
public virtual int AddPlayerClass(
	int modelid,
	Vector3 position,
	float zAngle


Type: SystemInt32
The skin which the player will spawn with.
Type: SampSharp.GameModeVector3
The coordinate of the spawn point of this class.
Type: SystemSingle
The direction in which the player should face after spawning.

Return Value

Type: Int32
The ID of the class which was just added. 300 if the class limit (300) was reached. The highest possible class ID is 299.
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